Date: 15 Mar 2018
Where: Southampton

Agile and Business Analysis by Lyn Girvan, Principal Consultant at CMC Partnership  


The ability to analyse business needs is an essential skill if we are to ensure that organisations focus their resources and investment funds on solving the root causes of problems. 
Analysis skills are so important that we use them every day. Why is it, then, that projects often overlook analysis or consider it unnecessary when applying agile approaches? This lack of analysis can lead to unforeseen consequences during the development and deployment of business changes and software solutions. 

This session discusses the importance of applying agile analysis at the enterprise level, right through to the product level, to ensure that product development focuses on delivering the right things. Key analysis techniques will be provided that will ensure backlogs contain work items that will offer value to the business.
Specifically, the session will cover the following topics:

  • the enterprise context: business drivers for change and holistic analysis
  • the development and application of business epics
  • prioritising at the business level and decomposition of priorities
  • getting backlogs ready with goal, not functional, decomposition


Lynda Girvan has over 25 years of experience as a consultant, manager and trainer in business analysis, agile development, agile coaching and transformational change programmes across both the public and private sectors. Lynda is a principal consultant at CMC Partnership, where she leads the development of agile within the consultancy practice and with clients.  Lynda has developed and led an agile training portfolios and was a key contributor to the BCS Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis. Lynda has extensive experience of adding value to organisations through her business analysis work and is keen that agile software development is understood within the context of delivering business improvement. She is the co-author of the BCS published books Agile and Business Analysis (2017) and Developing Information Systems (2014) and has spoken at numerous European and international conferences on these subjects.


Moving Health Insurance in to the Digital World by Paul Hardy, Senior Business Analyst, Aviva


Moving in to a new Digital world is tricky for any company, especially when you’re looking at moving certain customer claims journey’s online. Process definition, Data mapping, Requirement traceability and Security are all key aspects that need thorough investigation to ensure anything that is being exposed to Customers is valid and fit for purpose.  Working across numerous Feature Teams and using a distributed Agile model were all also aspects encountered which delivering this transformational change. This session will focus on the above areas and how these challenges were embraced and overcome by using key areas of the BA Toolkit.


First steps in Test Driven Development by Simon Lynch, Senior Business Analyst, Aviva


Sometimes you can be faced with a bunch of requirements for a system where you’re not sure whether or not it already does what you want it to do. You can either unpick the existing code and develop what is required, or blindly develop ‘over the top’ of the existing code for what you now need and hope it doesn’t break what is already there! However, there is a third way… Test Driven Development (TDD) approaches the problem by devising a set of scenarios and expected outcomes, running these through the current system, and identifying ‘fail points’ that require development.

Within Aviva Health we have just used this for the first time – this session will detail our approach, the benefits and some of the pitfalls we have encountered on our journey so far.

Simon is a Lead Business Analyst, who has eighteen years of experience in the role, within not only the Insurance sector at Aviva Health, but also in pan-European projects with Aviva Europe, retail sector with Game Stores Group and the public sector with the Office for National Statistics. Since 2012 his analysis work has been predominantly Agile-based, introducing new techniques such as Impact Mapping and Test Driven Development within the Health analysis community.


Uncertain world of Regulatory changes and the ‘art of possible’ by Anurag Pathak & Ashutosh Dixit, Business Analyst, Wipro

Defining regulatory and compliance requirement is both-complex and critical.  It is tough to interpret regulations and nearly impossible to identify all stakeholders and their actual stake. This leads to stringent, highly complex and uncertain requirements which may impact multiple systems and project teams differently. Moreover, decision paralysis due to lack of timely regulatory guidance may further complicate requirement elicitation. Such challenges may lead to documentation of faulty and volatile requirements that not only put the project at risk but can put organization itself in a dangerous position legally and financially.

This session proposes a framework for analyzing regulatory requirements which can be used by a Business analyst to minimize such challenges. Case studies from General Data Protection Regulation and Insurance Distribution Directive will be used to elaborate the framework. Specifically, the session will cover the following topics:

  • Regulatory change: A `need` not a `want`
  • Key Challenges for a BA: Odds are against you
  • Requirement Analysis framework to minimize the challenges
  • Case studies from General Data Protection Act, Insurance Distribution Directive

Anurag Pathak is a management graduate with over 5 years of experience in Business analysis, agile development, and pre-sales and innovate proposition development. Anurag is a Business analyst in Wipro Technologies, where he works with Insurance advisory group and help clients identify and implement change.  Anurag has considerable experience of working in regulatory projects such as GDPR, FCA renewal Transparency and YROR.

Ashutosh Dixit is a management graduate with over 5 years of experience in Business analysis, pre sales and agile development. He is a Business Analyst with Wipro Technologies in Insurance Advisory Group working with clients in adding value to their business. He has significant experience in regulatory projects such as GDPR, IDD and RDR.


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