Date: 4 Oct 2018
Where: Bournemouth

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18:00 : Doors open
18:30 : Welcome 
18:40 : Building Business Analysts, Nationwide
19:10 : Inside the Mind of a Business Analyst
19:40 : Break 
19:55 : Building a strong BA team 
20:30 : Close & Networking


Building Business Analysts, Nationwide

Recruiting into the Business Analyst role can be a tricky business when much of the potential talent pool is unsure of what the role involves or unaware that it even exists.  We’ll discover why we need business analysts in the first place and explore how business analysts become business analysts, from childhood career aspirations to landing a BA role.  We’ll also take look at how Nationwide are promoting the role internally and delivering some of the key skills to prospective candidates in order to prepare them for a future in business analysis.

About Andrew

Andrew Lewis has over eight years experience as a business analyst, project manager and small application developer in Financial Services with a particular interest in data analysis, automation and systems development.  He has experience working on a range of solutions from local process improvement to global strategic systems implementation.


Inside the Mind of a Business Analyst

This session will look at the challenges faced throughout a project and how BAs might think and feel during these moments, for example, working in an unfamiliar area:

  • You have no idea what anyone is talking about
  • You haven’t met any of your stakeholders
  • You don’t know who to ask for information
  • Everyone else appears to know what’s going on

Using real-world examples, we will explore the feelings that many BAs have during challenging times, and will review how these are shared by practitioners at all levels, during each phase of a project lifecycle and during the completion of key deliverables.

We will then look at how different approaches can be applied to typical challenging scenarios and the positive and negative outcomes they are likely to achieve, before moving onto how best to deal with recognising and overcoming the uncertainties that many of us feel.

About Helen

Helen Thompson has worked in the Business Analysis world for over 10 years, and during this time the one area that has always been of great interest to her is what goes on inside the mind of a Business Analyst.

Throughout her career as a BA, SBA, task manager, line manager, coach and mentor, she has gathered examples of how other BA’s have felt during the challenging times which made her realise that her inner thoughts and feelings are also shared with many others.

By listening to and dealing with her own inner thoughts, she has been able to reduce negative and destructive feelings and in some cases to dismiss them completely.

Although she doesn’t profess to be an expert in the field of psychology or a doctor of the mind, she feels that by being open and honest about her own experiences and sharing top tips on how to overcome unwanted inner thoughts, that it will be of great benefit to others.


Building a well-functioning BA team

This session will look at some techniques that can be used to

  • Build strong and productive relationships in the team
  • Increase employee engagement, within the team
  • Improve team focus on what matters to your organisation
  • Leverage individuals’ knowledge and strengths to benefit all
  • Create a team that people enjoy working in

We’ll examine the journey that the Ordnance Survey (OS) BA team undertook over the last couple of years.  Using an array of these techniques, the team was able to move from a disparate group of “lone wolves” to establish themselves as a unified and effective community.

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About Saffron

Saffron is a career Business Analyst, having held the role for almost 20 years. In 2016 she achieved her dream of bringing together and leading a single team of BAs at OS.

She achieved the BCS International Diploma in 2011 and is currently studying for the Advanced Diploma.  She has presented several times at the European BA Conference, IIBA evenings and other forums.

An advocate for women’s development, she is also passionate about mentoring.


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