Date: 15 Nov 2018
Where: Belfast

We need to talk about Value

We often talk about "delivering value" or "adding value". We don't always stop to think about what we actually mean by value, let alone talk about it. Nick will give a whistle-stop tour of various frameworks and ideas around value, before focusing in on value co-creation.

How is Value dealt with in Lean, Agile, Customer Experience and IIBA's Business Analysis Core Concept Model? We'll be finding out. The journey will take us from Adam Smith and Karl Marx to Ikea and Uber, via Michael Porter and the Toyota Production System. Hold on tight!  

Nick de Voil is a certified management consultant specialising in information systems design and customer experience. He delivers a range of training courses for business analysts, including a unique course on "User Experience for Business Analysts". He's currently writing a book for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, entitled "User Experience Foundations". He's also working on a strategic project for the Flood and Coastal Risk Management directorate of the Environment Agency. Nick has been a director of IIBA UK since 2012 and is currently joint president along with Tina Schuster.



Adding value across the v-model

Jane Alton is a graduate illustrator, with experience as a business analyst and UX consultant. Jane will give you a talk explaining how a Business Analysts can add value across the V-Model from gathering the business needs in workshops, to working alongside the business in User Acceptance Testing. Jane has worked as a Business Analyst consultant for insurance, and has been employed in the fin-tech, reg-tech, rail sectors but now has settled into Business Analysis at a legal firm.




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