Date: 26 Sep 2018
Where: London

At the BA Conference Europe 2018, we held a session to collect ideas about how we could support our members better. The attendees contributed a large number of ideas, which are listed below. Please -

- At the bottom of this page, add your comments about any idea that interests you, quoting its unique ID.

- If you were the originator of the idea, please say so. Also, add some detail to clarify it, including correcting it if we've transcribed it wrong. We're really looking forward to finding out the thoughts behind the Post-Its!

If you'd be interested in volunteering to help bring an idea to life, say so.

IIBA UK volunteers will add comments continuously - these will be personal thoughts and opinions, not necessarily "official" statements.

It will be helpful if we all make comments brief.

The ideas were -

01 Sharing Practices (Frequency, Continuous)

02 BABOK Guidance

03 BABOK Use Guidance

04 Book Club focused on BA related skilles (i.e. not BABOK)

05 Corporate Membership

06 Access to the same sort of benefits available to IIBA Members (non-UK)

07 (new to this so you may do this already) In company training for smaller groups

08 Company Visits

09 Fusion with other professions, e.g. change management CMD

10 I would like a “BA play space” to dummy run agile project

11 BA Mentoring and Coaching

12 Mentoring Programmes

13 Organised Mentoring

14 Leadership (Senior BAs as leaders)

15 Lunch & Learn Sessions

16 Community Groups

17 European Conference actually in Europe

18 More training in other countries (Latvia)

19 Events are often based on company premises and locations can be limiting. Perhaps this is cost efficient, but events in a variety of other (hired) places may help drive up numbers

20 More events outside of major cities

21 Hints & Tips on techniques

22 BCS Oral Exam Guidance

23 Publish Newsletters, not sure if you already have one in place already

24 Organise Webinars

25 Build communities

26 Growing profile of BAs and benefit of having BAs in the wider IT industry

27 Local member meetups/events

28 Events and community gatherings

29 Focus on digital events

30 More events across the country

31 More regional events elsewhere

32 Conference for/on BAs (more than 1)

33 Stream/record events in other regions/attend remotely

34 What are other countries doing – not just UK

35 Help shift/progress career

36 Accountituder? For different BA roles

37 What is a BA

38 Get the word out

39 More daytime seminars during business hours please

40 IIBA Mobile App

41 Events on how to get ahead as a BA

42 Early BA career development

43 Paths & Guidance on routes into the profession

44 Workplace talks

45 Let us know you exist

46 Leadership mentoring

47 More visibility



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