Date: 5 Mar 2019
Where: Sheffield

In this session, Brian Simpson discusses the T-shaped skills concept and takes the group through a workshop to explore their own skills profiles. Data collected will be used to update a T-Shaped Skills Model for Business Analysts report.

The concept of T-shaped skills was first proposed in 1991 and has since been developed to describe how individuals can develop to become more effective in the workplace and support a broader range of activities. The ‘T-shape’ is composed of two elements; the vertical part of the T describes the core competencies and depth of experience possessed by the Business Analyst, while the horizontal part of the T describes the generic skills and competencies normally associated with other roles. With the increasing prevalence of Agile methods in Business and IT change, the need for Business Analysts to become more flexible has never been more important. T-shaping can also play a part in the development of Business Analysts working in Waterfall and other change models.


Brian Simpson is a Senior Lead Business Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group. Over the past year he has been conducting research with BA leaders and practitioners to identify the skills most valuable to a T-shaped Business Analyst.

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