Date: 4 Apr 2019
Where: Southampton

Using decision making techniques within the Cynefin framework

During the April event we'll be looking at the Cynefin framework to understand the different types of problems we encounter in our projects. We'll then discuss and trial techniques that are best aligned to solve these and aid the decision making.

Analysis in Action

This interactive, working session is an opportunity to take a closer look at a range of methodologies and techniques in action. We are hoping that this session will encourage attendees to discuss real-life examples, tools used and their usefulness. It will be a mix of case study and discussion, with active audience participation expected!

Learning outcomes:

The aim of these sessions is to build on our practical knowledge by learning from each other through real scenarios. They can include:

  • Showcase of new analysis tools or tools borrowed from other disciplines that could aid Business Analysts
  • Showcase of known tools used in a new way, producing better outcomes
  • Peer review – open discussion/workshop to review and improve our deliverables


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