Date: 6 Mar 2019
Where: London

It is notoriously difficult to engage disparate groups of individuals in the delivery of change. However, recent research by The GC Index and University College, London has uncovered a powerful and transformative model for harnessing individuals based on their proclivity to make a certain impact. It turns out that anyone can contribute to delivering change, so long as they are encouraged and allowed to make their impact.  

The workshop is designed to demonstrate, using a fun and high energy team ball game, how everyone’s proclivity to make a certain impact can be used to engage them in the redesign of a process. We will demonstrate how this can be done in a way which produces markedly better business outcomes, validates their contribution, unifies teams and makes better use of their talents.

Delegates will receive the following:

  • An understanding of the science of personal impact and how this affects an individual’s engagement with and contribution to the change process.
  • An opportunity to consider their own proclivity to make an impact and experience playing to their strengths in a live situation.
  • Experience of how a group of individuals manifest their impact and how this influences the outcome of a change process.
  • Insight into how they can harness the language and framework of impact in their role as a Business Analyst, to increase engagement with change projects and strengthen their management of teams and stakeholders to ensure better business outcomes.


There is seldom a need to employ change and transformation experts full-time and yet, deployed at just the right time, the facilitative approach of expert Change Makers can make a significant difference to the effectiveness of the changes you are seeking to make.  The Change Makers are experienced across the full range of change activities; from delivering complex change programmes, through the development of the next generation of Change Makers and on to coaching the existing leaders to drive through the current wave of change. 





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