Date: 19 Nov 2019

A Horror Story? Virtual Event with Ian Huke 

In the darkest hours what causes a CEO to wake in a cold sweat? What stalks their dreams? 

Their nightmare comes not from the pages of Steven King but from McKinsey. The fear of a new player emerging with the potential to rip their business model from beneath them and their paralysis in the face of it. 

Or in McKinsey’s words 80% of executives think their business models are at risk, but only 6% are satisfied with their own innovation. Yes, there is copious advice on how to innovate and exorcise this nightmare, but how to do it? 

A fresh approach to innovation.  Innovation by people for people. Story Architecture provides the script and direction for this. Introducing the approach, capabilities and roles needed to write your new story. 


Andrew P Turner

Ian Huke is COO and cofounder of THROUGH IDEAS with Paul Fletcher. Bringing people together to innovate effectively and deliver efficiently. To the benefit of all involved.  With extensive experience of shaping greenfield projects and recovering failing programmes. Ian puts strategic thought leadership into action. Coaching teams to discover their best ideas. Delivering outcomes that create tangible customer benefits and business value.Cross industry experience in both bluechip companies and startup software houses. A former solicitor and independent assessor of Digital Apprenticeships for the British Computer Society.


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