Date: 2 Jul 2019

The BA Apprenticeship Scheme has been up and running now for two years and yet you may know very little about it.  This Webinar will give you an overview of the apprenticeship scheme and  why you might benefit from utilising the scheme. It will include:

  • The content and format of the BA apprenticeship scheme.
  • Key elements of the scheme including the “Standard” and “Occupational Brief”
  • What having a BA apprentice work for you involves
  • Making a business case for developing BA apprentices
  • Challenges to be aware of


Lawrence Darvill wears numerous hats within the Business Analysis field. Lawrence is the main organiser of BA Manager Forum events and is a Director with AssistKD. From 2014 Lawrence helped co-ordinate employer efforts to have the Business Analysis apprenticeship scheme signed off by government. Fast forward to 2019 and he has been able to oversee the first apprentice to successfully complete the business analysis apprenticeship.

Saffron House was elected earlier this year as Director of Professional Development for the IIBA UK.  Saffron is Lead Business Analyst at Ordnance Survey, Britain’s mapping agency.





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