Date: 10 Oct 2019
Where: Milton Keynes

Analysis in Action

This interactive, working session is an opportunity to take a closer look at a range of methodologies and techniques in action. We are hoping that this session will encourage attendees to discuss real-life examples, tools used and their usefulness. It will be a mix of case study and discussion, with active audience participation expected!


During this session we will cover: 

  • Benefits Dependency Network as a way to ensure strategic alignment, manage the scope of your project and deal with difficult stakeholders
  • Using the Pre-mortem technique to identify threats, risks and issues early on in your projects
  • Applying a Business Architecture approach to create more useful process maps


Learning outcomes:

The aim of these sessions is to build on our practical knowledge by learning from each other through real scenarios. They can include:

  • Showcase of new analysis tools or tools borrowed from other disciplines that could aid Business Analysts
  • Showcase of known tools used in a new way, producing better outcomes
  • Peer review – open discussion/workshop to review and improve our deliverables


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