Date: 9 Dec 2019

Calling all academics with a research and teaching interest in Business Analysis. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) has a UK Chapter (IIBA UK) that is looking to open opportunities for practice-oriented research. Whether you are a researcher working in funded projects or a dissertation supervisor looking to help MSc students undertake research, the IIBA UK wants to help by connecting you to an emerging research agenda that links theory and practice. This opportunity could help you reach new audiences, new insights, access new data sources and find new ways to disseminate your findings and demonstrate research impact.

We are looking to foster an easier way for academics to meet and collaborate with Business Analysis practitioners to strengthen the relevance of new research and advance the body of knowledge relevant to this field.  The initial engagement will target the first edition of a planned annual ‘refereed’ e-book that aligns with an evolving Business Analysis profession and will have relevance for the REF.  Our hope is that by facilitating academic-practitioner collaboration we can unlock a new and vibrant research agenda that could manifest into many other opportunities.

If you are interested, then join Nick de Voil (IIBA UK Joint President) and Saffron House (IIBA UK Professional Development Director) for this free Webinar to hear more about a proposal to kick start a new academic-practitioner research community. Part of this webinar will explore ‘straw man’ ideas developed in collaboration with Dr Roy Woodhead, Senior Lecturer in Digital Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University. We have things to suggest but nothing is cast in stone, so you have an opportunity to shape the future of this new initiative and help us to push the whole idea of Business Analysis to the next level.


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