Date: 6 Apr 2020

"Successful remote working is all about trust and communication. As you cannot organically have passing conversations or overhear each other, it takes a little extra effort to maintain that sense of teamwork and collaboration. But do not fear – follow our top tips for online meetings and facilitation, and you will be on your way to a great remote working day."
Philiy Lander

Philiy Lander
For Philiy working with remote and distributed teams has been an essential part of her whole career. Devising creative and novel ways to ensure team connectedness and collaboration remain high. “I can honestly say that some of my distributed teams have had better moral and ease of collaboration than some co-located ones.” Philiy is an author of ICAgile facilitation & coaching courses. She has trained hundreds of people globally and is keen to share with you her tried & tested tips and tools for remote facilitation. 
Ben Maynard
Ben has spent over a decade working in environments where due to dispersed and distributed teams remote working, facilitation and training have been the norm. Over these years he has curated a proven toolbox of effective and engaging strategies through the facilitation of 100's of agile events, for helping teams unlock their potential through the effective building of trust and psychological safety. "I have always found dispersed teams are able to build a culture and ethos based upon trust and collaboration with relative ease. These team often perform in ways that can meet or exceeded their co-located counterparts."






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