Date: 2 Jun 2020

Different organisations approach change in different ways.  In most cases a project team will be appointed.  Many of the project team roles, like Programme Managers, Project Managers, Enterprise Architects, and Business Analysts, are analytically driven, so often miss out the humanistic approach.  

This is evidenced by the Association for Project Management’s research.  They found that, “Many people see a project as moving from A to B. It’s a technical thing, with processes to follow. What I have learned is that projects will always require some form of behavioural change. Project managers will always need people to do something differently. If project managers haven’t experienced personal change through a tool like coaching, they will have very little empathy with the human side of change.

Where the opportunity to build emotional resilience is not provided, attitudinal problems such as fear, stress, anxiety, blame, guilt, overwhelm, co-dependency and many other unhealthy emotions come into play.  These not only affect the individual on a personal level, but also the organisation through reduced productivity, increased sickness and project blocking, causing costly delays.  Organisations who appoint holistic coaching methods support staff through the change process by enabling attitudinal healing, as well as the development of emotional resilience.  This has the impact of reducing costs, and increasing wellbeing and productivity.  

About Debbie

Debbie Clement Large, is an internationally recognised Life and Leadership coach and founder of the award winning Why follow the Herd coaching practice.  She has worked within a large scale transformation and change environment, both as a qualified Business Analyst and as a Coach.  She also coaches entrepreneurs, Managing Directors and people from all walks of life.  Debbie is the business lead for Health and Wellbeing for the Federation of Small Businesses.  She is a qualified Life Coach, CBT practitioner, Stress Management practitioner, Mindfulness practitioner, Meditation practitioner, Assertiveness Coach, Licensed Heal your Life teacher and is completing four years of spiritual psychology training. 

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