Date: 21 May 2020

For the past 7,000 years, humans have exchanged metal and paper objects in return for goods and services. However physical cash use is more than just our history.  It's deeply engrained in our culture and an increasingly emotive subject for many. During the last 30 years the way we pay for things and move money has changed dramatically and the horizon of a potentially cashless society is now in view for the UK.

From tapping our way through Manchester's Metro system, paying our bills in our pyjamas or competing a house sale - cashless payments are prolific, safe and convenient for the majority of us and the lifeblood of our economy… There is however a deep and perhaps surprising seam of true cash dependence that we ALL need to be aware of.

David Avis & Adam Armstrong (AND Digital) will skilfully guide us through this often divisive topic. Sharing global trends and domestic issues to highlight why we as BAs should care and how we can help.


David Avis is a Squad Lead at AND Digital with over 20 years’ experience leading business analysis, Tech and Business Change across the Financial Services sector. He is a self-professed payments geek, and has expertise in all a wide range of retail consumer payment products and digital payments platforms.



Adam Armstrong is an Associate Product Developer at AND Digital with 10 years’ experience in retail. Adam has a passion for building high quality products that users love.




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