Date: 4 May 2020

How Would You Start?

‘How Would You Start?’ is a virtual session covering pre-project strategic analysis & design. It is based on the hypothesis that Projects fail to deliver the business benefits that they could, not just because of what happens during the projects itself, but mainly because projects are incepted based on a lack of analysis and design thought. Without a clear understanding of ‘The Problem’, without understanding the Strategic Environment and without developing a strategic vision of the Design, what chance does a Project have of being truly successful?

Please think about questions or discussion points for Craig to navigate and answer.‚Äč

Craig Jeffries has over 30 years’ experience in Consulting and Business Transformation. He holds an MBA from Cranfield, CIMA accounting qualification and the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. Craig has led a portfolio career with roles including Accountant, Commercial Director; Business Analysis Manager, French Sales Director (long story); International Dance Instructor (Modern Jive) and, now, Freelance Consultant specialising in Business Design/Architecture/Analysis.



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