Date: 9 Jun 2020

Did you know that while 73% of companies consider customer experience a top priority, only 1% consistently deliver excellent customer experience?¹
You'll want to be part of that 1%!

This session will help you instill true customer focus in your business’ change. Customer experience is really the prime indicator of the success of your business - a great experience will cause your customers to return and tell your friends, while a poor one equals negative reviews and stalled growth. Despite this, the Forrester’s 2015 Customer Experience Index shows that only 1% of companies consistently deliver excellent customer experience, making this a field where you should get ahead of the crowd.  Your role within defining change in your business, is intrinsic to the understanding and defining of customer experience and transformational design

This virtual event will cover:

  • what does  'CX or customer experience'  mean ? 
  • how can a poor customer experience be identified?
  • what to do when your customer experience isn’t right
  • how to understand the relationship between customer experience and the rest of your business
  • A panel discussion on a real-life case study.
  • If time ....permits some virtual networking


PresenterAngela Prentner-Smith, Chief Executive of This is Milk
Angela has extensive experience with designing multi-channel customer experiences, using service design techniques, customer insight and a deep knowledge of usability and service delivery. Through working in various operational roles and end to end projects in Higher Education, Retail and Private Banking, Wealth Management and Energy, she understands how a business operates from day to day and in periods of change.  Customer experience is the ultimate result of these operations, and change for your customers is only possible through changes throughout your business.  Looking at your business from a customer-first lense can send ripples of change throughout an organisation. 


¹ According to a survey by Gartner analyst Esteban Kolsky



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