Date: 7 Jul 2020

Anxiety, stress and change or how I learned to stop worrying and love the pressure with Eleanor Stowe

Business Analysis is an exceptionally diverse role: sometimes there’s nowhere near enough time and support to get the job done, and other times there’s not much more to do but sit and wait. The skills needed are very broad, too; negotiation, leadership and people skills are high on the list, as well as analysing requirements, priorities and time frames. Given how broad the role is and how difficult some change initiatives can be, at some point BAs are highly likely to be pushed past the boundaries of their comfort zones. This can be exciting and challenging, but it can also open up a world of anxiety and stress, which left unchecked can become extremely limiting in efforts to lead teams and produce the best work.
In this talk we'll be going through:

  • What is anxiety and how it differs from stress
  • How stress and anxiety can negatively affect your work
  • How to develop your long-term resilience and how to adapt to stressful periods
  • Typical change activities and quick wins for lowering stress in tricky situations


About Eleanor
Eleanor began her professional life as an operatic soprano. After falling out of love with her singing career, Eleanor turned her attention to technology. She has since worked as an Agile Business Analyst in the health and energy industries supporting tech-based regulatory changes, analysis framework designs and system changes for operational efficiency. She has also been a "Mental Health Champion", led the formation of a Change Community of Interest, founded a Lean In Circle and mentored colleagues. Mostly recently, Eleanor started a new role at DWCC where she has been helping to establish a new change and operations function. Eleanor spoke at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019 on Business Analysis and Anxiety.





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