Date: 14 Jul 2020

Translate (the CIPD behaviours of) 'Valuing People' and 'Working inclusively' to a whole new level of mastery! You will be equipped with a straightforward tool to replace generic percentages and soundbites with a surefire formula to make best use of time working with others whether that is meetings, workshops and 1-to-1's.

If motion and gravity can have their Laws, then why not engagement? In this original work Martin will describe the 1st Law of Engagement to enable you to calculate your own Engagement Coefficient (ε) for a recent dialogue you've been a part of.

Delegates will receive the following:

  • A number in the form of an 'engagement coefficient' that we will have calculated together using an example you have chosen to use.
  • This will reflect what we consider to be the key elements of engagement all boiled down to one simple number!
  • In addition, and in order to improve your ability to engage, you will have access to a series of Practices that we will touch upon in the session and you can refer to afterwards.

Martin Johnson is passionate about colleagues being a voice in the organisation. So much so that he has developed a product to do just that, @YourBigPic, to help employees join their dots at work. Martin specialises in providing a simple and reasonable framework that pretty much anyone in your organisation can get involved with.




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