Date: 20 Jul 2020

There's something wrong with the way we do projects. Organisations spend a lot of money and go through a lot of pain to implement change. Yet, too often, they end up with no improvement to their competitiveness, efficiency or profitability, and they see their customers going elsewhere.

How can we improve matters? Nick argues that we need to start by accepting that we need to do two things:

  • move our focus away from techniques which atomise requirements and benefits, and towards a holistic approach oriented towards people
  • slow down or reverse the trend towards specialisation of roles, which leads to mutually uncomprehending communities of practice.

Nick moves on to describe an approach known variously as user-centred design (UCD), human-centred design (HCD) or people-oriented design (POD). Nick describes the key features of this method and shows how it means changing the way we work. He explains how the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience is a good first milestone for business analysts starting on this journey.

In conclusion, Nick discusses how Agile methods have the potential to unlock the value of this approach, and why in practice they often do the opposite.

Nick de Voil is a consultant specialising in helping organisations to design themselves "from the outside in" by creating business processes which truly support their customers' needs. He also trains and mentors business analysts and user experience professionals. Nick is the author of the new BCS book "User Experience Foundations", the official textbook for the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience.

Nick was Member Experience Director of IIBA UK from 2012 until April 2020, and joint president for the last two years. He is a member of the Advisory Panel for the BA Conference Europe 2020.




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