Date: 3 Dec 2020

The weird tale of Six Honest Serving BAs and an elephant

How six steps and a warped mind is all that separates the BA from greater success!

Once upon a time, there was a race of words known as “The Double Yoos”, who wandered wearily in the business wilderness, warring endlessly with one another as to which one was most worthwhile.

What, Why, When, How, Where and Who wailed and whined with their wearisome woes…

…until they met an elephant and some alphabet soup.

Welcome to the weirdest opening ever witnessed in the realms of Business Analysis!

Now, where were we? Oh yes…

One day, a wise old wizard called Zachman waved his wand and gave rise to a wonderous world where The Double Yoos could finally work together, and it seemed the war was won.

But let us not rush witlessly to a wasteful Waterloo!

Instead, let us throw a wrench into his (frame)work and wonder if it is perhaps too wrought with rules, whether some wiggle room would be worthwhile…

“Whoa! What wretched witchcraft is this?!” winces the devoted BA, “What right do you have to wreak havoc on the hallowed work of Zachman?”

Well, there was another great Wizard who with a waft of his quill, a wad of creativity, and some exceedingly good cakes first wrote of The Double Yoos…

Rudyard was his name and his six honest serving men taught him all he knew, their names were What and Why and When, and How and Where and Who!

But what about that Elephant? And what in the world is it doing with alphabet soup?

Wonder no more! …because on the 3rd December 2020 you will discover both are truly wise when it comes to the behaviour of colleagues, clients, and crocodiles.

Still none the wiser? …well, you’ll just have to watch the webinar then!

…though rest assured, all will be revealed to the well-rounded BA, willing to wander outside the walled confines of rigid ways and techniques.


(PLEASE NOTE: to get the most from the webinar, have to hand six cards/post-its and a marker pen - You’ll be glad you did!)


About the Speaker:

Following that description, it will come as no surprise that our speaker, Michael Christon, has gained a reputation for entertaining and insightful presentations that bend the norm! With over 20 years of experience, training thousands of businesspeople from financial institutions to large multinationals to offices of Government, Michael has returned to the IIBA with another unique and head-spinning perspective on business and life.

So, join Michael online for the wacky final offering from Scotland in what we all agree has been a very weird year!


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