Date: 7 Dec 2020

Following on from his previous Laws of Engagement webinar where he introduced us to his engagement model and demonstrated how to calculate your specific Engagement Coefficient (Ɛ) (information on the previous event, including a recording, is available here), Martin Johnson will perform a deep dive on the next two of the techniques within his model designed to practically improve your Engagement Coefficient (Ɛ).

“Get it all on ONE PAGE” - A single page view will provide a go-to visual for the challenge you're faced with. We are seeking have the most effective structure and content before sharing in the wider group. By encouraging a deep understanding you will be keen to come out the other side with something to show for your efforts. Thinking of it as a large hill, rather than a mountain, you have worked up one side in terms of your comprehension of the problem domain and here we are working down the other side. An original take whilst doffing your cap to Rich Picturing.

“Engaging VOICES” - We'll be thinking about the different ways we use to communicate in your place of work compared to our basic human need raises an issue of natural fit. Each method transmits information at varying speeds and creates a different experience. Back in the day verbal communication whether directly or over the phone was both natural and encouraged the sharing of useful truths by being between two or more people face-to-face. With all kinds of technology available to us the basic kinds of connections we seek are still best achieved together by engaging voices and as we often say ‘by giving your team a damn good listening to’. We'll explore how to enjoy the best of both worlds.

These are both Practices for creating the 'Lasting Outcomes' you aim to create in the work you do.

Martin Johnson is passionate about colleagues being a voice in the organisation. So much so that he has developed a product to do just that, @YourBigPic, to help employees join their dots at work. Martin specialises in providing a simple and reasonable framework that pretty much anyone in your organisation can get involved with.




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