Date: 28 Jan 2021

Data is becoming more important and at the forefront of everyone’s mind – whether that is your own personal data and how companies use it, or whether it is as a company wanting to get better insights into the vast amount of data they hold. This is the story of my journey as a Lead BA, or ‘Initiative Lead’ as I’m now known, within a newly formed Data Innovation Lab as part of a Cloud Data Platform programme. The purpose of our team is to find high value use cases that can be delivered using data – including Data Visualisations, Data Science, Machine Learning Models and so on. The end goal is to deliver value quicker: this in turn helps prioritise what is developed in the Cloud Data Platform Teams.

Sean Murphy is a Lead Business Analyst with 10 years’ experience working in the Insurance and Banking industries. Sean currently works for Royal London, the largest mutual life, pensions and investment company in the UK. Sean has worked across large complex projects, as well as more focused agile squads. Sean has previously been a mentor as part of the IIBA mentoring programme and recently was a finalist in the 2020 Business Analyst of The Year award. He has a keen interest in technology and finding new innovative tools and ways of working during work and finding new tech and gadgets outside of work.

Photo of Sean Murphy



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