Date: 25 Feb 2021

In February 2020 you were invited to join Registers of Scotland (ROS) BA Community of Practise (COP) for a one-off special meet up. Those who attended left with new ideas, an insight into how a good BA community works and feeling inspired to do more in their own COPs. We even received feedback like ‘how do I join your BA community?’ Suffice to say, it was a valuable meet-up.

This was in February 2020 - before COVID, before lockdown, and before living our lives virtually. Since then, we have been working at home separated from our teams, our customers and our community of BAs.

Way back in February 2020 we couldn’t even imagine such a thing or how we would survive it, let alone thrive in such an environment. But, here we are almost a year later and survive it we have. In fact, not only have we survived it, but our BA community have thrived and gone on to achieve some great things in 2020 for the benefit of ROS and our customers, the public.

During this session we’ll share with you what we’ve achieved this year and how we’ve managed to maintain a thriving and successful BA COP in these challenging times.


The BA Community of Practise at ROS has been up and running for about five years. Having started out with five members, the community now has 14 members and is made up of business analysts of all levels from junior to senior and lead analysts. The community includes one former ‘BA of the year’ and BAs within it have been instrumental in helping ROS win a major industry award in 2020 (during lockdown).

The COP comes together formally as a group once a week for various discussions with conversations often continuing amongst members between these meetings. Despite working on different projects, the community has come to rely on each other for support and help during the working week. This has been even more important during the current climate.


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