Date: 25 Jan 2021

Wasn’t Powerpoint scheduled to die in the noughties?  Yet still it lives on, still it thrives!  It’s time to use our imagination, challenge the old and rethink how we’re presenting to our audiences.

In this session we will re-discover interactive engagement through the exploration of tools and techniques readily available to us.  Led by Martin Simmons, our panel of collaborators will show you how to engage your audience through a live demo, sharing insights, in real time. 

Out of this session you’ll walk away with actionable ideas on how to make your online sessions engaging and 100% collaborative using the tools that you already have access to. 

Martin Simmons is a Senior Business Analyst from Redvespa Consultants, headquartered in New Zealand.  Martin believes that if people are enjoying what they do then we're doing something right.  Martin is a strong advocate of putting people first and being in business for good.  Martin is making this a reality through delivering transformation across New Zealand and the UK in Government, Education, Construction, Utilities and Financial Services..  LinkedIn




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