Date: 3 Feb 2021

Your mind is your best friend. It can also be your worst enemy – wide awake at 3am worrying about what will happen if you fail to deliver? The fear of being found out as not good enough when you join a new project? Thinking everyone else is better than you? No friend would do that.

All too often we’re being hijacked by internal enemies – beliefs and thought patterns we’ll call Saboteurs - who wreck any attempt at increasing our happiness or performance.

Mental Fitness works by strengthening the 3 mental muscles you need to weaken these Saboteurs, not just this week, this month or this year, but forever.

This Mental Fitness webinar will provide an overview on:

  • How to identify and intercept your Saboteurs

  • How to increase your self-command so that you can switch from negative to positive mindset

  • How to boost the power of your Sage (your inner wisdom)

And if you’re curious and want a head start on identifying the Saboteurs that cause you the most trouble, you can do this free assessment: Please note that doing this assessment will mean you receive a number of follow-up emails from the Positive Intelligence organisation which you may choose to unsubscribe from.

Mental Fitness is part of the Positive Intelligence approach developed by Shirzad Chamine - Stanford lecturer, author and erstwhile CEO of CTI (the largest coach training organisation in the world). Positive Intelligence is a synthesis of research in neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy and performance science and you can find out more in Shirzad’s NY Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence.


Susan Taheri is a Senior Business Analyst based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who’s delivered IT and business change in various sectors including utilities, public sector, retail banking and asset management. Transformational change is a theme in her personal life as well: in 2016 she began work on her own operating system by seeing a life coach and the outcome exceeded requirements to such an extent, Susan was inspired to learn how to help others do the same. She now specialises in Mental Fitness / Positive Intelligence coaching with both groups and individuals. LinkedIn



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