Date: 15 Feb 2021

We are excited to share with you for the first time, mappings of the six knowledge areas from the BABOK - BA Body of Knowledge - to those skills within the SFIA Framework that are used to undertake each knowledge area.  At IIBA UK, we believe this will be a wonderful tool to help bring both models to life in the workplace, with uses such as defining job roles, identifying skill gaps at individual or practice level, and in promoting greater awareness and understanding of the breadth of the BA role in so many knowledge areas.

Your hosts for the evening will be Saffron House, IIBA UK Director of Professional Development and Peter Leather, Update Manager for SFIA.  Saffron and Peter have worked together on these draft BABOK to SFIA mappings.  Also present will be our IIBA UK President Liz Calder and Sam Merrick, IIBA UK Director of Corporate Relationships.

The evening will include

  • an introduction to SFIA 7, for those who are less familiar with this skills framework for IT professionals
  • a reminder of the 6 knowledge areas of the BABOK v3
  • presentation of the mappings for each knowledge area
  • discussion and debate about the completeness and correctness of the mappings, bearing in mind that there may be no "right answer"!
  • your chance to tell us about any other models or collaborations that you feel Saffron and Peter could explore or develop of benefit to IIBA UK members

SFIA – “Skills Framework for the Information Age” – is a collaboratively created common reference model describing the skills and competencies required by professionals in roles involved in information and communication technologies, digital transformation and software engineering.




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