Date: 25 Aug 2021


The change community coming together in search of innovative solutions to business problems

The Business Solutions Squad examines common business problems and how they can be tackled by change professionals. In interactive workshops, the group generates innovative and practical solutions to these challenges, which can then be shared with the wider business change community.


In this session, Martin Simmons and Stu Mullinger will facilitate exploration of the following challenges selected by the group: 

'Finding your way into the loop': 

How to ensure you're 'in the loop' regarding change in your organisation, and empowered to create value your role.

'Estimating and planning': 

The best ways to estimate and plan for change and for the activities needed to deliver it successfully.


The session will take place via Zoom and use an interactive whiteboard to capture the group's thoughts and ideas. Following the session, Martin and Stu will share the outputs and recommendations with attendees and the change community at large.


Please note that this session is being run twice to cover different timezones.



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