Date: 29 Aug 2023

If you enjoyed David Jacobs’ “Journey and The Elephant” presentation last September you will love this recap, revisit and deeper dive into the central principles of value maximisation for business analysts.

In September David presented his “Journey and The Elephant” overview of how business analysts can heighten their ability to produce value, success and return on investment (ROI).

Here, back by popular demand, he will take a closer look at The Elephant, his term for the significant pieces of the business value jigsaw most methods and practices only cursorily cover if at all.

David will revisit the basic, fundamental principles of value maximisation gleaned from his 30-year research & development programme that yielded Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®). In this interactive and engaging session, David will look more closely at the first set of BVMF® models a business analyst could do well to take on board, at least to gain a basic appreciation of the principles being applied. As a preface to this, he will recap on the central questions omitted by most methods that we should be asking prior to starting to provide the answers by presenting the first set of BVMF® models.

David is due to return in January 2024 with Part II of this series; Part III is expected to run in spring 2024.

In this Closer Look (Part I) David will cover the following BVMF® models:

  • The Information Systems Activity/Role Spectrum™ - to show the challenge we all face…
  • Value Definition Model™ - to understand and agree what we mean by value…
  • Origins, Ingredients and Propensity™ - to look at where the value will come from and how much of it to expect…
  • The Value Delivery Model (VDM)™ - to show how value arises at Run time and Design time…
  • Value Landscape Characteristics (LVCs)™ with an introduction to The 1934 Model™ and associated Step Diagram™ - to support decision making on the best method/approach for a given piece of work…
  • The Business Value Equation (BV EQ)™ - to predict and track value for each key value ingredient…
  • The Conceptual Units of Benefit (CUB) Ladder™ - to show the crucial relationships between ‘requirements’, IT functions, business process steps and project/work activities…

In Part II, in January, David will look more closely at The 1934 Model™ and Step Diagram™ and how they helps us to choose the best approach for each piece of work. He will also cover Layers of Focus (LoF)™ which is an expansion of the design time Value Delivery Model (VDM)™ , Optimal Human-Computer Interaction (OH-CI)/Football Team, Management(FTM)™ which helps to accord to the principles of Automation Redefined, and finally, address the never ending pursuit of business value using the Crossword Diagram™ ‘decomposition’ approach to essential continuous improvement (CI).

In Part III in the spring, David will cover the module Business Practice and Contingency (BP&C)™ that ensures any computer supported process will be better than its erstwhile incarnation. He will also describe Business Value Capability Assessment™ using The IT Effectiveness Spectrum™ and other ways to systematically raise capability to produce value, success and ROI in a more forceful and consistent way.

As interest has significantly increased in BVMF® in recent years, via his company MaxVal Consultancy Ltd, David is now training and certifying business analysts and other business IT professionals. Why not attend and see how understanding what the elephant in the room consists of can boost your ability as a BA to engender value for your organisation?


Headshot image of David Jacobs

Now in the fifth decade of his career, David started looking at ‘bridging the gap’ and IT business value in the 1980s after he managed to get some notably good results for business organisations. In the ‘90s he started recording his models and techniques which then morphed into Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®). He now uses BVMF® to help business IT professionals get much higher levels of value, success and ROI than has been the industry norm for the last few decades.

David has presented on IT Business Value Maximisation to audiences that have included the British Computer Society’s Project Management Group (BCS PROMS-G), the Association of Project Management (APM), the National Computing Centre (NCC) and the Post Office’s business analysis team. David has presented twice before for IIBA UK (in July 2020 and September 2022).

David has had a number of articles published since 1995, made contributions to books on IT success and business value and recently recorded a podcast for business seniors which is available on Spotify under The Independent Minds. He ran a live business value maximisation clinic at GovNet’s recent Digital Government conference and is planning to make similar such live and online appearances through the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.

David’s presentation style is honest and entertaining. His webinars are insightful and effective, like the techniques he has devised to support us all being able to breathe some optimally nourished life into the elephant!

A senior business analyst recently said, “Business Value Maximisation Framework (BVMF®) is an extreme version of common sense; I wish I had known about it years ago.”

David’s web sites are at: - personal career profile - MaxVal Consultancy Ltd - the consortium of consultancies David founded in 2014 of which MaxVal Consultancy is the leading member. DIBC supplies high quality BVMF® trained business analysts, project/programme managers and architects to client organisations.




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