Date: 1 Feb 2016

In order for anything to be successful it must start with a foundation. Before you can build a house you must have a foundation, before you become a business analyst you must build a foundation, before you can learn martial arts you must build a foundation and before you make changes you must have a foundation for a change management process.

The one thing that is constant is change. The reason projects exists is because something needs to change. In this interactive session not only will you gain some martial arts knowledge, but you will also learn how to leverage the foundation of martial arts, the tenets, to build the foundation of a change management process and unlock your inner ninja to be the change agent everyone loves.

Paula Bell is a Business Analyst, mentor, coach author and speaker known for consistently producing exceptional work, providing guidance to aspiring business analysts (including those that just want to sharpen their skills), as well as providing creative and strategic ways to build relationships for successful projects. With 15+ years in project roles to include business analyst, requirements manager, technical writer, project manager, developer, test lead and implementation lead, Paula has had the opportunity to gain skills in project management, business analysis and leadership. Paula has wide industry experience as she has worked in media, courts, carpet manufacturing, banking and mortgage. Paula also has a passion for leadership and helping others gain their career goals. She has been sought out by many to be mentored in leadership and career development. Paula also has a knack for event planning and has been sought out to utilize her business analysis, leadership and project management skills to direct weddings and other events. Paula is also sought out by organizations to help build the foundation for successful businesses. Paula has worked with many non-profit organizations as well as for profit organizations.

One of Paula's passions is speaking. She loves to share the knowledge she has with others. Paula has had the opportunity to speak on a variety of topic such as business analysis, project management, relationship building, diversity, software methodology, leadership and mentoring, to name a few.


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