Date: 26 Jan 2016

Requirements are business needs, and regardless of your development method, your agility, your documentation approach, the requirements must be correctly understood if your product is to provide value to your client.

In this webinar, James Robertson examines how the requirements can be discovered in an ever-changing, agile world. He also shows how stories can be written to better represent the real business need and so lead to better outcomes for agile projects.

James Robertson has been associated with hundreds of systems projects, is the author of books and seminars on requirements and solving the right problem. His experience with agile teams has given him unique insights into requirements and how they work in the agile world.

James is co-author of five books including including "Mastering the Requirements Process", now in its third edition, and "Requirements-Led Project Management". He is also co-author of the Volere requirements techniques, used by thousands of organisations around the world.




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