Date: 18 May 2016
Going from idea to solution is a matter of careful project execution. But going from idea to business value is another game. It’s a game we can only win if we have a clear view on what winning actually means. This is where strategy comes into play. Strategy is about defining the business change we’re after, and specifying the key enablers needed to achieve this change.
However, most projects fail to specify concrete, falsifiable goals. Goals that allow you to check whether you have achieved them or not. On top of that, many projects start from a detailed solution specification, effectively narrowing the options the project team has to achieve the project’s goals and limiting the flexibility to change course when needed.
People in a BA role often have the analytical skills and corporate overview to take up these challenges. In this webinar, Filip discusses three aspects of strategy execution, and how a BA can offer a helping hand in each of them.
  • In this age of change, do we still need strategy?
  • Increase project success by eliciting expectations
  • Connect goals and actions without limiting solutions
With this in mind, BAs are equipped to guide better project definition and execution. 

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