Date: 22 Aug 2016

The pace of change within the business world is increasing on a daily basis. In today’s environment, a failure to improve leads to extinction. As a result process improvement has become fashionable within organisations. Almost every organisation has implemented some form of process improvement tool at some point in time. And yet, many continue to experience difficulties adjusting to the demands of the changing environment despite having spent considerable time and resources implementing process improvement tools. The reason for this is simple - process improvement is about more than projects and tools. It's about a fundamental mindset and approach to the design and management of organisations.

This session will help you to:

  • Understand how process improvement is an inherent part of a progressive organisational culture
  • Raise your awareness of the environmental factors that are making process improvement a necessity within organisations, rather than an option
  • Appreciate the negative consequences of a tools-based approach to process improvement 
  • Raise your capability to embed process improvement within your organisation in a more sustainable manner

About the speaker

John Hackett

John Hackett  is Managing Director and Founder of Franklin-Hackett Ltd.

He has over 10 years experience in management roles delivering change in processes, business systems and people. As well as managing two frontline Contact Centres, he has worked as a business analyst, run key corporate projects and delivered radical redesigns of business areas.

He now helps businesses to improve the way they design and manage their processes and business systems, he develops the way business people think and behave through behavioural training and shares his learning as a public speaker.


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