Date: 15 Sep 2016
Where: Edinburgh

This event looks at how we as BAs interact with our IT colleagues, what they think of us, what they would like us to do differently!

My Plumber and my Business Analyst - Richard Puttick

Richard has worked in the IT industry for 3 decades for a number of the larger IT integration and management consulting firms.  For 20 years has had the titIe of 'architect' though now he likes to complicate matters a little by calling himself an Enterprise Architect.  Recently he has led an 18 month consulting engagement  that created a business architecture for a leading European retailer that had nothing to do with IT.  On the other hand, he is now currently lead architect for one of the largest private IT transformation projects in the UK.  

"I have spent a lot of time thinking about the role of the architect and their capabilities; not as much looking at the relationship with business analysis, until recently.  In delivering change into an organisation, the analysis of stakeholders' requirements is a separate, divisible task from the engineering of automated solutions.  But given that my recent experiences show that  information and intent do not flow seamlessly from one community to the other, I need to know what really defines us.

I would like to explore what is going on between analysis, architecture and design through two simple questions: what do I think I am getting when I engage an analyst and why is it important to me?"


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