Date: 18 May 2017
Where: Edinburgh

IIBA Slides Final 3.0.pdf

Modelling is an often overlooked and undervalued aspect of analysis but is a vital means of reducing ambiguity, promoting correctness, completeness and consistency in business requirements. Models are useful in all stages of requirements engineering. So why do Business Analysts tend to shy away from producing them?

Terri aims to prove modelling is easy and fun, and adds incredible value to the business analysis process. She will explore the small set of UML models to use to drive forward business analysis; the appropriate model to use and level of detail required in different business situations.

She will try to answer some of the key questions which arise when discussing modelling such as how to validate them, and should you share them with your business stakeholders; and look at how the analysis models are used by technical teams to realise the requirements. Jumping onto the bandwagon, she will also consider the relevance of modelling in an agile environment.

Aimed primarily at those new to modelling, she hopes that experienced modelers will come along and contribute to this discourse, making this a lively and interactive event!

Terri is a Business Analyst with over 30 years’ business and technical experience.  She is skilled in a range of analytic techniques and have experience of variety of application types and industry sectors enabling her to take a different perspective and offer alternative insights to projects.  Known for adopting a pragmatic approach to analysis, shaping, structuring and challenging requirements to deliver a robust solution within the constraints of cost/time, available skills, business and technology landscapes.

She is a published author and am a regular presenter at the BA Conference Europe.


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