Date: 14 Jun 2017
Where: Edinburgh

Security is becoming more and more important in the everyday operation of all businesses. It is a very current topic and is in news headlines continuously as many businesses make shortfalls. So what really is 'security' to a BA and what are the actual risks?


Leo discusses how security is usually included in the Business Analysis workflow currently and compare it to how he would manage security within a BA workflow if he were to redesign it from the ground up. He touches on mitigating risks and how to recognise what the actual risks are in the environment.


Ross adds his insight in to what the next generation are being taught about the issues and how the landscape will likely look in the future as new techniques and ideas are being pushed. He explains alternative, often less focused on aspects of security that affect you as an employee, as well as a BA and how real the risks are from those being ignored.



Leo Cunningham is currently the Security Risk and Compliance Manager at FanDuel. He is responsible for the day to day risk and compliance management within the company for the UK & US. To date, he has gained over 10 years of experience from his career in Banking, FinTech and eCommerce providing risk management strategy and defining company risk appetite. He plays a key role in developing the frameworks, methodologies, tools and education needed within major financial institutions guiding them in IT Risk, Cyber Security, Compliance and 3rd Party Supplier Risk Management



Ross is a student at the University of Abertay Dundee. He has just completed his second year there and is studying Ethical Hacking. This focuses on security, networking, software development and digital forensics.


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