Date: 24 Aug 2017
Where: Glasgow

It's all about Relationships

We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are!

So, how do you see the world around you?  It is a friendly, co-operative place?  Or is your world hostile, with others out to obstruct you and make your job difficult?  Do you struggle to see the success and build the professional relationships you think you deserve?

During this interactive talk you will learn the steps to create authentic and meaningful connections with others, as well as learning how to build a powerful relationship with the most important person you will ever know.


Debbie Clement-Large kick-started her Creative Life and Leadership Coaching & Consultancy business in 2015 after a classic lightbulb moment. Prior to this Debbie had enjoyed an eclectic career; starting with acting, then writing young adult fiction, where the telling of stories was foremost. Debbie’s journey then took a serious detour when she qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant; turning her attention to telling stories with numbers. With an innovative creative style, she found herself out of alignment with the adaptive style of accountants and rewrote her own story by qualifying as a Business Analyst. It was then that she realised that, what was missing from both the personal and professional lives of the people she worked with, was the power of creating the life and business story they wanted; and Why Follow the Herd was born.  

Why Follow the Herd now reaches around the globe providing personal and professional creative life and leadership coaching programmes to help others live the story they wish to tell.  She covers topics such as creating inner resilience in order to create confidence, dealing with stress and anxiety and creating the life story you wish to live.  She also coaches on how to be an Enlightened Leader, creative and lateral thinking for generating ideas, promoting positive evaluation of ideas, how to create an innovative environment in your business, and inspiring others with the power of storytelling.

Debbie also provides business services such as Coach on Call.  She runs regular free webinars and masterclasses which you can sign up for via her website. This new chapter in Debbie’s story has only just begun …




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