Date: 18 Apr 2018
Where: Edinburgh

Beating the Offshore Challenge

With the pressure of globalisation, all large organisation are looking to find cost advantage through delivery of software development at the lowest cost and lowest risk. Many have tried to do this by offshoring some or all of the Software Development Lifecycle but have found that the Cost/Risk trade-off can be difficult to manage.

This event will look at what organisations need to put in place to address the major risks in offshoring Business Analysis


William Morrow

William has spent 35 years in IT, mostly in Financial Services. He has experienced all parts of the development lifecycle, with the last 15 years in Business Analysis. Having worked closely with a number of offshore partners, he is keen to ensure that the relationships work for all sides.


Sivaraj Saxena

Senior Consultant with a Global Consulting Company for past 23 years. He has experiences engaging with various leading Banking, Financial and Insurance customers across geographies in transforming their software development services under a Global network delivery model.


There will be sandwiches and refreshments available on the night


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