Date: 9 Oct 2018

The Future of Business Analysis 

Times are changing at a faster and faster pace and business analysis professionals need to understand the changes and how they affect the world around them.  The McKinsey Global Institute identified 12 disruptive technologies that will transform life, business and the global economy in the very near future.
In this session, we will review seven of the disruptors that will most affect Business Analysts during our careers as well as discuss the future trends and core concepts in business analysis and the outlook on the future of the business analysis professional.

Jared GoraiJared Gorai loves being a Business Analyst and has done so in title for over 15 years with over 25 years of business and leadership experience in both the retail and energy sectors. He is a strong advocate for IIBA, having served in various capacities with the Calgary IIBA Chapter as well as chairing the Volunteer Chapter Network. He brings his passion for business analysis and experience as a Chapter Leader to the role of Director of Regions and Chapters of IIBA.
He holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in French from the University of Calgary and the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) designation. He will take any chance possible to evangelize business analysis and will talk your ear off about the role and the profession should you allow him to do so.




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