Date: 16 May 2019
Where: Newbury

The role of our BAs in agile delivery, Sam Welland (Vodafone)

As we transition to agile ways of working we will share how we have evolved our operating model and the value the business analysts bring. This will cover roles, responsibilities, tools and deliverables with the focus on working within the scaled agile framework for enterprise (SAFe).


Building Business Analysts, Nationwide, Andrew Lewis (Nationwide)

Recruiting into the Business Analyst role can be a tricky business when much of the potential talent pool is unsure of what the role involves or unaware that it even exists.  We’ll discover why we need business analysts in the first place and explore how business analysts become business analysts, from childhood career aspirations to landing a BA role.  We’ll also take look at how Nationwide are promoting the role internally and delivering some of the key skills to prospective candidates in order to prepare them for a future in business analysis.



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