Date: 15 Aug 2019
Where: Glasgow

No BA is an Island

Although BAs commonly offer a specific service within a project we work as part of a team. This isn’t new; we’ve always worked better as part of a team.

But times have changed and the demand for different skills within development are so immense now that all team members must be capable of working across other disciplines to ensure successful project delivery.

What does this mean for the Business Analysts and how they work now and into the future?

Consider the modern development team like a football team. Each individual still has their own role, a striker, defender etc but sometimes, at crucial points in the game, even the goalkeeper will be called up to have a shot at goal.


Terri Lydiard:     Terri is a freelance trainer and consultant, presenting courses for Assist Knowledge Development on a regular basis. She has been a Business Analysis for over 30 years, with extensive experience in business analysis, having worked for major large international companies.

Terri has spoken at several BA European Conferences . She is also an big supporter of IIBA Scotland, having presented on numerous occasions and is a former chairperson of the committee.  Her specialty is in the practical application of emerging BA tools and techniques, or new ways of employing established ones.

Linda Parker:     Linda has been a successful business analyst for nearly 30 years and, for her, the role never grows old. Her avid interest in other people, and keenness to learn and improve, means she loves being a BA.  For the last 9 years Linda has been an independent contractor and has extensive experience in business analysis, having worked for major large international companies

Linda was delighted to be counted as one of the finalists in BA of the year award for 2018. She has been a longtime supporter of IIBA Scotland, a current committee member and has presented on several occasions over the years.


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