Date: 22 Oct 2019
Where: London

Packaged software implementations can go extremely well, delivering excellent, even transformational, results. Other times… not so much. The speaker has seen organisations, public and private, spend $25M, $100M, $500M, and in the most extreme case, $3B on selecting and implementing purchased software. And after all that expense, it simply doesn’t work, or works so poorly the organisation is worse off than before. It doesn’t matter whether the systems are cloud-based or on-premise. When he’s called in to assist with “project recovery,” Alec finds the factors leading to these failures are surprisingly consistent, and always surprising, at least to the organisation. 

Come to this brief presentation to learn the reasons behind many of these failures, and to share your experiences. It won’t be all doom and gloom – we’ll also look at factors contributing to extremely successful implementations. Everything will be backed up by examples from the speaker’s experience, including:

•             How one of the world’s most admired companies spent $1B on an implementation and achieved worse performance;

•             The case of the public institution that spent $80M configuring cloud-based HR and Payroll software, had nothing to show for it, and how the situation was resolved;

•             On a brighter note, a manufacturer applied the techniques we’ll discuss, over the vendor’s objections, and became a global showcase account.


Alec Sharp has managed his consulting and education business, Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd., for over 35 years. Serving clients around the world, Alec’s expertise includes facilitation, strategy development, business process change, data management, and, of course, business analysis. In addition to an active consulting practice that keeps him up-to-date on real world issues, he conducts top-rated workshops and conference presentations on these topics globally, on four or five continents per year. Alec is the author of “Workflow Modeling, second edition” which is widely used as a consulting guide and MBA text, and is a best-seller in the Business Process Management field with a “5 star” rating. He is also the recipient of DAMA’s Professional Achievement Award, a global recognition for contributions to the Data Management field.



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