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IIBA UK is run by a board of volunteer directors. Our vision is

As part of our regular strategy sessions, we review our director role structure to check it supports us in achieving this vision. In recent months IIBA UK has experienced significant changes.

As a consequence, we'll modify our director roles to support and build on these developments.

Director Roles

President – Dr Liz Calder

Finance – Christina Tan

Operations – Imtiaz Kaderbhoy


Corporate & Individual Membership – Sam Merrick

Professional Development – Saffron Leppard

Technology – Gavin Ross

Marketing – Andrew Turner


Community Directors

London & East of England – Bindu Channaveerappa

South West, Midlands & Wales - vacant

North & Scotland - vacant

if you are interested in standing for the vacant roles please contact Liz Calder at president@iibauk.org.