Date: 28 Apr 2022

You became an IIBA member because you had a certification or career goal. Now that you’ve achieved that goal, what’s next for your membership? Keeping your membership can feel unnecessary if you aren’t getting value out of it. Many times, our Members don’t realize they have access to additional benefits that can help them learn and develop both professionally and personally. Your IIBA Membership comes with tools, resources and opportunities beyond those you needed to achieve that initial goal. They may even help you set new goals you didn’t even know you had yet!


Susan Moore is the Community Engagement Manager at the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). She is a Product Management professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the Finance and Insurance industries. Before coming to IIBA, Susan worked in Business Analysis and Project Management roles, incorporating business analysis leadership and agile practices into the business analysis teams where she worked. Susan also writes on these topics at  Susan holds several business analysis and agile certifications including IIBA’s Agile Analysis Certification (AAC).



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